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As I have studied web development I have learned that there is a lot to know. Everytime I learn something new I realize there is much more I don't know. So here are some things I have learned along the way!


Published over 1 year ago

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In order for a business to work you need to sell your product or service.  In order to sell you product or service you need people to know who you are.  Many try to do this only through social media, but is that enough?  There are many social media platforms and many do great of getting in front of the people out there, but I believe they fall short on telling them who you are.  


I am not the only one that thinks so, Leila Abdoulaye a Marketing and Brand Manager in her article for medium.com called 5 Effective Social Media Marketing Sites for Restaurants said "Owning your own website is the best way to market yourself at all times. You have the ultimate control and if nurtured should be the most direct, legitimate and reliable source of information for your business."  Amanda Stillwagon... Continue reading


Published almost 2 years ago

About a year and a half ago I was thinking about what I was going to do with my life.  I had work most of it in finance.  Five years at a Credit Union doing Member Service, tech support for our website, and consumer loans.  I then spent what ended up being 3 years at an investment firm, where I primarily reach out to current clients to check up with them on their investment goals and to see if they could use any of our services.   For many that would be the beginning of a long career.  Most of my co-workers came in with finance degrees or were in the process of obtaining one.  They saw it as a stepping stone to where they wanted to be in life.


For me the time came when i needed to seriously consider my next move.  I thought maybe I would seek out a branch position or look at the operation jobs or even continuing in the sales and advisories roles in the regional centers.  But the more I thought about it the more I didn't feel up to doing anything with finance.  


Around the same time I was thinking a lot about skills.  Being single and trying to find someone to spend... Continue reading


Published almost 2 years ago

The controller is a vital part of the MVC framework.  If you haven’t you can read my post on MVC to understand how it fits in.  


In the controller you will set methods that will work with the database and the views.  There are 7 standard methods that you would use when building a site that connects to a database.  Those are index, show, new, create, edit, update, and destroy.


The index method will have corresponding view, which will generally be the main display page for  that database table.  Blogs are a very common thing on the web these days so I will use a blog site as an example.  When you visit the home page of a general blog site you typically see the most recent blog at top and as you scroll down you can see more blog posts.  This is the index page for the blogs.  In the controller the programmer is telling the database to get these blogs and then the views uses that method to display them in the way you see them.


If you click on a blog post you will be directed to a page that just displays that one blog.  This is the show page. ... Continue reading


Published almost 2 years ago

I think there are a few benefits to having a process to follow when problem solving. In my first blog post I mentioned how Stephen Curry had to practice a create a repetitive motion for his shooting. Now when he shoots the ball from anywhere on the court it goes in seemingly effortless. I believe as we get better at problem solving out ability to solve problems will start to seem effortless as well. You've probably heard the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson “That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased" . I also think a process helps us to check and make sure that we are seeing the issue from all sides and looking at all possibilities. Of course every issue will bring new challenges, but I firmly believe a repetitive process will help our brains to see outside of the obvious and use its creative ability to find solutions. I believe we all have the ability to be creative and I plan to discuss that in another post.


I will admit that at times I find myself wanting to quickly resolve an  issue and not follow a process, but this tends t... Continue reading


Published about 2 years ago

For this post I want to talk about the basic structure of Ruby on Rails. Rails is a MVC software architectural pattern. Where M stands for model, V for view, and C for controller. Most websites communicate with databases to pull information and display it to the user. There are some that do not and those are called static pages.


In order to control the information that is accessible from the database rails uses the MVC pattern. When a user types in a web address it first goes to your routes. Your routes will direct you to a controller. The controller like in its name controls a lot of the data flow of the application. It is the controller that will determine if the application will need to go to the database through the model to grab information or if it can just go directly and grab views to be displayed. If it wasn't for the controller it would be easy for a hacker to grab whatever information they want from the database. Some information may be sensitive. For example credit card information. Also the controller helps to keep hackers from dumping anything they want into your database. It is important that when you code out your controllers you... Continue reading