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As I have studied web development I have learned that there is a lot to know. Everytime I learn something new I realize there is much more I don't know. So here are some things I have learned along the way!

Becoming a Programmer


Published 4 months ago

First we need to understand that there are three levels of programming languages.  Languages like JavaScript, Java, C, and other languages that we typically hear about are high-level languages.  Relatively speaking they are easy for humans to read and understand. A level below the high-level languages is Assembly code.  It is still somewhat readable by humans but a lot harder to understand. The lowest level that the CPU can read is machine code.  This is the binaries with ones and zeros.


So when we write code we write source code.  Which is the code typed into a text editor or IDE by a programmer.  I have heard that source code is the term for code written in a compiled programming language such as C or Java and interpreted languages such as JavaScript code is not called source code, just code.  So if you know for sure leave comments and let me know.


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