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As I have studied web development I have learned that there is a lot to know. Everytime I learn something new I realize there is much more I don't know. So here are some things I have learned along the way!

Rails Backend


Published over 2 years ago

For this post I want to talk about the basic structure of Ruby on Rails. Rails is a MVC software architectural pattern. Where M stands for model, V for view, and C for controller. Most websites communicate with databases to pull information and display it to the user. There are some that do not and those are called static pages.


In order to control the information that is accessible from the database rails uses the MVC pattern. When a user types in a web address it first goes to your routes. Your routes will direct you to a controller. The controller like in its name controls a lot of the data flow of the application. It is the controller that will determine if the application will need to go to the database through the model to grab information or if it can just go directly and grab views to be displayed. If it wasn't for the controller it would be easy for a hacker to grab whatever information they want from the database. Some information may be sensitive. For example credit card information. Also the controller helps to keep ... Continue reading